uPVC - Interesting Facts
uPVC is the best and most suitable window material and its importance is growing constantly all over the world. uPVC doors and windows today have largest market share in modern Europe. uPVC as a material is not only used for construction, but also for everyday commodities such as clothes, drinking bottles or medical applications.
  • Completely harmless for humans
  • Resistant to dirt and environmental conditions
  • Resistant against termites and no never rot, rust or corrode
  • Cannot be deformed by moisture and temperature differences
  • Does not have an accelerant effect
  • uPVC inhibits the growth of disease causing bacteria and moulds as it doesn’t hold moisture
  • Easy to recycle that preserve nature especially the tropical forests
  • Multiple colour options and texture effects with lamination including wood grain effect are possible

uPVC Products include:
  • Casement Doors/Windows
  • Sliding Doors/Windows
  • Lift & Slide Doors/Windows
  • Tilt & Turn Windows
  • Slide & Fold Doors
  • Tilt & Slide Doors /Windows
  • Roller Shutters
  • Aluskin Windows
  • Special Performance Windows

Window Types - Total flexibility in design
Multiple window and door type configuration depending on openings and also required design and flexibility can be created and are available.
Some of the standard types are:

Fixed glazing
The glazing is inserted directly into the frame – there is no sash that could be opened
Turn function|opening inwards
The window can be opened to the inside.
Tilt function | opening inwards
The window can be tilted to ventilate your room but protect.
Tilt-and-turn function
The window can be opened to the inside and it can be tilted.
Casement | outward opening
The sash is to be opened outwards.
Sliding window
The sash can be slid to the side to open the window.
Tilt-and-slide window
The sash can be tilted and slid to one side to open the window.
Lift & slide
The sash is lifted by moving andensures a much better sealing thana sliding window.
Folding window
The sashes can be folded, each running along a runner rail.
Many combinations available
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